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When the day my wife came to his first customer of the escort to visit, I was dressed in additional interest. She was there goes directly from his shift as a nurse in a hospital, west London. The Agency will deal exclusively with black customers and Pakistan, who loved white women. My wife, as only 19, slim and stylish medium size made ​​it particularly attractive to the owner of the agency of the West Indies. in the first part, I explained it was her first client just arrived from Kingston in Jamaica and was probably some kind of gangster. My wife was in labor for the escort on the recommendation of a hospital porter. It was to help our finances, because I had lost my job. This sunny Friday morning, my wife carefully applied makeup. Blue eyeshadow made ​​her eyes big and childish. Red lipstick accentuated her full lips dark. These were jheat the lips that I knew that after sucking black cock man. Then he sat perfume Chanel No. 5 with her ​​and I was immediatelyToxicated by the idea of what would happen to her after completing their work. She was only 19 How could offer this. I was wrong to let that happen. It was a dangerous road, but I wanted to happen. Royal blue satin pulled lacy underwear, so strong, that they were cracking. She had thin thighs and long legs so fuck your area really stood out and was completely bald. Your sex lips were very clear, as he stood in her panties. He pulled a matching satin and lace garter belt, jheat bra and black colored stockings. completed the effect by acting on a blue satin and black lace panties and long-term average. She became a nurse dress, buttoned all the way up front. With the rest of his team and a bag of nurses, including high heels, that would change at a later date. I kiss goodbye and went to bed with my fantasy. I masturbated half dozen times before she came home and told me what he had donewith their customers. It had been quite an ordeal, but it seemed very quiet about it. I assumed he must have enjoyed it and was a little jealous. Your contact at the clinic, which had led a pub in south London. Here she was taken to a room full of black men 20. They had to perform striptease. She had been before them unbuttoned her dress and nurses, while rude comments. After standing in just jheat his underwear, high heels and underwear, each man had left her and sought her tits and pussy. He said that although he was scared and embarrassed, he had cum mostly men, and he laughed. then was accepted by the client on a Kingston Jamaica in a small room where a mattress. She had taken off her panties and panty and lay down on the mattress. Big black Jamaicans had, in their thirties did reveal to deprive a penis that was about 12 centimeters long and very thick. at a time, she said it wasor great for your little kitty said he had paid jheat good money to get a white bitch, and that was what I was doing. He has done in her panties aside and began fingering her close, until he had four fingers inside. He continued, stretching and pull for many minutes, making her moan. Then he became the head of his huge cock jheat against her opening and thrust into a bad drive so it's a white dog at the same time. said it hurt really, for many minutes, then she could feel the great joy and began to orgasm. Is pumped into it, very hard for about ten minutes, and she orgasmed 4 times before shooting his load inside. Just as I was ready, opened the door to another man came in, is an arrogant young Rasta. The man who had shot, said the deal was for him to fuck her too. The young man wanted to speak. With two big blacks in the room could notto discuss. Having caught the ass, both of her pussy again. jheat I told him how sorry I was and I have not had to do the job. To my surprise he said he was glad that they did was and wanted to see more black jheat customers. She had three bookings for the following week.
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